Remove/Hide Template Attribute

Is there a way to remove or hide the Template Attribute from our forms?  


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Asked by Danee Gunka Schwartz on Fri 4/21/17 9:38 AM
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Answers (2)

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Mark Sayers Mon 5/1/17 9:23 AM

Sorry about that Danee,

Yes the Ticket Template field is a global field in 9.5. You don't have to require it, or use it, but it cannot be removed.

I apologize for any confusion caused by the previous answer. I will remove it so further interaction here is not misdirected.



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Danee Gunka Schwartz Mon 4/24/17 2:15 PM


It doesn’t show up in the form designer (or preview for that matter).  It almost seems like it is maybe a Global TD attribute?



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