Knowledge Base: Ability to review and approve articles based on category access

Our knowledge base contains a mix of public and restricted categories. Access to restricted categories is based on group membership. Most of our security roles do not have the "View All Articles" option for Knowledge Base, but do have the "Review Articles" option. Currently only the users from Security Roles with "View All Articles" option are able to review and approve submitted articles. Users from other security roles are missing the Status dropdown in their search panel under "Articles Pending Review".

We would like our users from security roles with "Review Articles" option to be able to approve articles submitted to categories they have access to, but not see articles submitted into other categories. We do not want to give the "View All Articles" option to these users. Is this possible?


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Asked by Predrag Rajnis on Wed 3/8/17 3:35 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 5/12/17 10:05 AM

Anita, are you able to lock your articles down to specifically be viewable only by the folks in the Reviewers' group(s)? This way, you could separate which articles your Reviewers can see when they are viewing and approving or rejecting articles they are assigned to.

That might be an option for you, and they would not need the Analysis application to do this. You just need to make sure the articles are set to be able to be viewed by the group the Reviewer is in.

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Anita Barrett Thu 5/11/17 5:19 PM


If a Reviewer doesn't have Analysis, they can't view the report created using Analysis.  Which is the case with our Reviewers.  Looking for a work around, any suggestions are much appreciated.

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Predrag Rajnis Thu 3/9/17 1:02 PM Last edited Thu 3/9/17 1:49 PM

Thank you Mark, this would definitely work for us. However, where would the users without Analysis access retrieve this report? I tried pushing it to their desktop via desktop template, but when they log in they don't see it.

Also, when our users without View All Articles permission try accessing the submitted article directly by its url, they get Permission Denied message, even though they have access to the category the article is submitted to. Wouldn't they get the same error if they clicked on a link in the report?


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Mark Sayers Thu 3/9/17 10:01 AM

Hi Predrag,

From the KB > Articles Pending Review area an employee without the View All Articles permission would not be able to view articles that are submitted and waiting for review. What could instead be done is they could create a report in Analysis (assuming they do have access to analysis) to bring back articles which have been Submitted. Then they could go through the list and review articles as needed. If they don't have access normally, someone with Analysis access could create the report for them, and share it with their group.

I hope this has helped. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Mark Sayers

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