How to get items awaiting approval on desktop?

Hi all,

Is there anyway to get something on the TDNext Desktop to show things that are awaiting your approval?  For example, I am one of the reviewers for steps in our Change Advisory Board (CAB).  I'd like to see anything awaiting my review in a clear way.

I know when I first login to Team Dynamix, I get something like this:

But that only happens when I first login to TeamDynamix (or refresh the page via the browser reload, not the page's "Refresh" button. I'd love to just have a report on the desktop showing these approvals, but cannot find what to do to create such a report.

Any assistance would be appreciated!


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Asked by Paul Chauvet on Mon 2/13/17 12:17 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/16/17 4:29 PM

Hi Paul,

If he hasn't already Marcus will communicate with you outside of this forum to assist with best practice and setup inquiries.

Mark Sayers

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Is there an update on standard practice for this question yet? - James Tiggett III Mon 5/8/23 11:37 AM
The best way to see your pending approvals is to go to My Work > My Approvals. You can put that as a module on a TDNext desktop actually to see pending items. - Mark Sayers Mon 5/8/23 12:40 PM

William Cochran Mon 2/13/17 4:09 PM

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the question on the approvals notification. The notifications for approval(s) only appear as a pop up when you first log into TDNext. They do not appear on the Home page as a part of the layout configuration for Homepages. If you desire, you can submit a enhancement request for this and it may appear on a later version of TeamDynamix. Link to do so is here: 


William Cochran | TeamDynamix

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Paul Chauvet Mon 2/13/17 5:06 PM

Hi William,

Thanks for the reply, I've submitted the feature request.  I'm wondering what is the general practice for people who are using Approval processes within TeamDynamix?  Do they periodically just reload the page to see if they have any approvals awaiting them?

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