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Questions have categories, the KB has categories and the Service Catalog has categories, but they are all different (at least in our implementation). Why? Can a relationship be enforced? Why give organizations so much rope to hang themselves?

Relatedly, why can't Services connect to/embed KB categories rather than individual items, and similarly why can't Services be connected to/embed Question categories?

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Asked by David Tod on Fri 1/27/17 10:03 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/27/17 10:52 AM

Hi David,

I think these would be great to suggest as an enhancement request, but we do not currently have the ability to link things like KB/Question categories to Services, or any combination of those. An enhancement can be submitted from our Client Portal home page via the "Request a feature" button.

Only individual KB's can be linked to Services, but you can link to any number of things from the Service's details page via the description. That might be a way of accomplishing the relationships you desire until a built in feature would happen to be implemented.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this.

Mark Sayers

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