Category isn't working in Ticket Type

When your in a ticket type lookup the category drop down isn't working. It doesn't show any of the categories that are available.

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Asked by Maryann Rohrabaugh on Thu 1/26/17 2:52 PM
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William Cochran Thu 1/26/17 2:52 PM

Hi Maryann,

This is occurring because the Type Categories are either not created or not set to "Active." To verify this go to When you go to Admin > Applications > [ticketing app] > Shared Ticketing Settings > Type Categories. You will see your Type Categories listed. Click on "Edit" and check the box for Active. I am also including this KB solution on Type Categories -
Upon making them active, you will see them on the drop down when creating a Ticket. 
Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


William Cochran

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