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Is it possible to add detail to a notification email when there is an approval step for a ticket?  I believe there is only the "Ticket Workflow Step Assignment" notification template at this time to cover all ticket notification tasks. Depending on the ticket, we might like to create an email that displays information related to the request type/service or driven by ticket attributes. Basically we are aiming to provide information related to that ticket to drive an approval / rejection link action. The approver then would not need to dive into ticket details within the portal if given details within the email to support the decision process. Mustache might provide some assistance here but it doesn't scale out easily to various ticket types if driven from a single template.

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Asked by John Crawford on Thu 12/29/16 3:29 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 12/30/16 8:50 AM

Hi John,

It sounds like you are wanting to let someone know when an approval step in a ticket workflow, which has been assigned to them, has become active and let them take action on that step directly from the email notification. This is not something currently supported by TeamDynamix.

You might suggest a change to make this type of notification and action via a link directly in the notification message become supported in future versions of TeamDynamix. To make such a suggestion you can go to our Client Portal Home page and select the "Request a feature" button.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Mark Sayers

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