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Good Evening TeamDynamix Support,

I had recently created a new form to be filled out and submitted by our clients from our Service Catalog. It was a custom dropdown field. The options are Laptop, Desktop, and Virtual Machine. I wanted to modify it about a month later (now) by removing Virtual Machine, but I was not able edit the drop down options. I had thought a potential option would be removing the old field and just recreating the field without Virtual Machine, but it didn't yield the result I wanted.

My first question is: Can I remove a dropdown option from a custom field?
My second question: Since I already deleted the original field, can I still bring it back to its original state?

Thank you for everything you do for us!
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Asked by Mitchell Samuel on Thu 12/1/16 9:34 AM Last edited Thu 12/1/16 10:07 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 12/1/16 10:07 AM
Hi Mitchell,

You can definitely edit the choices of a custom dropdown attribute for ticketing (it sounds like that is what this is for?). As long as you are able to get to the Admin page for the ticketing application which the attribute was created for, you will be able to follow the steps in this article to make choice edits or additions.

The ticketing admin attributes page is accessible either via the Admin application in TDNext > Applications > [your ticketing application] > Attributes or by going to the ticketing application in TDNext, clicking on the gear button in the upper right, select Admin, and go to Attributes.

As to your questions, from the Admin area, you can remove, add, and edit the choices available in the dropdown selections of a custom attribute, even if you originally created that attribute from the custom form in the Service Catalog.

Secondly, did you "delete" that field meaning you just removed it from the form? Or were you in the Admin area for the ticketing application and deleted it there? If the second option, you would have to create the attribute again. If you just removed it from the form, it should still be available in the Attributes section of the ticket application in Admin. As long as it is viewable in the ticket app's Admin page, it should be able to be added back onto the form.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions about custom attribute editing please let me know.

Mark Sayers
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The link to the article on editing the choices for a drop-down form field goes to a page not found - Michael Press Wed 2/3/21 5:24 PM
This is a 4 year old question, the content in the original article probably was moved/consolidated into another article. I believe what you'd be looking for would live in this KB category for now: - Mark Sayers Thu 2/4/21 8:38 AM

Alyx Lyons Fri 9/30/22 8:44 AM

Hi there,

I tried to access the most recent link mentioned here, but it appears it's not there (denied access). I have the same question...How to edit a field in the request form that I created but now want to revise.



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Custom attributes are edited from the TDAdmin interface of the ticketing app this form was built into. There is a section of TDAdmin in that ticket app admin interface for Attributes where you can find your attribute, edit it, and add choices if needed. - Mark Sayers Fri 9/30/22 11:03 AM

Michael Press Thu 2/4/21 10:24 AM

Thanks, Mark, not only did I get the article I wanted, but this is a REALLY HELPFUL article about attributes.  It just so happened I wanted to create a cascading attribute, this is a great page!  Thanks again.

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