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Within the My Work application - under My Feed, is displaying ALL feed comments. My understanding of My Feed is that it should only be displaying comments that I've made, not every single comment made on every project within my organization, hence the terms, "My Feed". If it is built to function in that manner, a serious consideration should be to rename it to "Our Feed". This would clear up major confusion.
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Asked by Dr. Hector M. Molina on Wed 11/16/16 8:56 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 11/16/16 9:01 AM
Hi Hector,

The question of what the "My Feed" area of My Work is supposed to show has come up before (see this question). It will display a feed of any work items which you have access to work on. That feed includes comments or updates made by team members or others who also will be working on the items you are working on. The purpose is that it can include feed info from Projects and Tickets instead of just one or the other (in the case of feed modules that only exist in those respective applications).

I hope that helps to describe the purpose of the "My Feed" module. If you have any further questions about this please let me know.

Mark Sayers
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