How do I create a ticket template?

If I go to Apps > Ticketing Application, there is no "New" link.
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Asked by Dan Adler on Thu 11/10/16 9:50 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 11/10/16 10:03 AM
Hi Dan,

I've taken the liberty of creating a question for your response to this article (

So when you are in TDNext, you will click on the  Applications menu (option circled in screen shot below). Then, click on your ticketing application from the menu (underlined "Tickets" in screen shot below).

From your Ticketing application, you'll see a secondary menu bar (in red brackets in below screen shot). There should be a "+New" button to allow for creation of tickets or other options. You'll select the "Ticket Template" option from the +New submenu (underlined in screen shot below).

Then you will be able to create a ticket template as needed. Please let me know if these steps make sense or if you have any questions.

The default permissions for having access to TDNext and to a Ticketing application should allow you to create Ticket Templates.

If you go to the location I've mentioned and do not have that option in the "+New" submenu, please attach a screen shot of that page and menu to this question. This question can be responded to by clicking the "Contribute an answer" button at the bottom of this Question thread.

Mark Sayers
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Peter Mosinskis Fri 5/19/17 9:01 PM Last edited Fri 5/19/17 9:04 PM

Like Dan reported, there is no "Ticket Template" option under "+New" in Tickets nor the new ticketing application I created: 


This KB article is old and needs to be updated. Ticket Template is actually using the GEAR icon on the far-right of the screen within whatever ticketing application tab in TDNext, see screenshot: 

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