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I wrote a simple ticket report that just reports all tickets, but a number of my tickets are not appearing on the report even though I'm not putting any parameters on the report. My staff are also having a hard time finding the tickets.

The one thing that's different about these tickets is that they are in the "Tickets Updated After On Hold/Closed" category - I'm working on changing priorities from what we were originally using and what we've decided to use after working with the product for a while.
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Asked by David Doherty on Wed 11/2/16 12:01 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 11/2/16 12:07 PM
Hi David,

That report module is an out-of-the-box/built-in report. It has a few filters on it which might be a problem for your custom report that attempts to recreate the built-in module since you are not using any filters.

The built-in report filters on the following:
1. Ticket has a status CLASS of Completed or On Hold (do not include Cancelled)
2. Ticket Last Modified Date > Ticket Closed Date or Ticket Last Modified Date > Ticket On Hold Date
It is also ordered by Last Modified Date in descending order.

You would need similar filters, and also you'll want to have the report return more than 500 rows. The maximum number of rows allowed is 50,000.

Please let me know if this helps you to create your report and return the desired results.

Mark Sayers
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David Doherty Wed 11/2/16 12:28 PM
    My problem is that I'm not seeing those tickets when I do a new report with no parameters.  I know I have a report with "Maria" in the Title, but if I run that report of all tickets - I don't see it.  I'm pretty sure I'm missing others as well - but I know that Maria ticket is not displaying.  I only have a few dozen tickets in TD because we've just started experimenting with it.  Not sure why some are not displaying in my all tickets report.

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