Modifying a Service Catalog form (need a field to be required)


We're needing to modify a particular field on one of our Service Catalog forms to make it required. Can you please point me in the right direction for doing so?

Thank you, 
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Asked by Chad Martin on Wed 11/2/16 10:28 AM Last edited Wed 11/2/16 11:47 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 11/2/16 11:47 AM
Hi Chad,

Here is the link to our article on Adding/Modifying service form fields for Projects (

This may help you get your service form modified as needed.

If it is a Ticket form, you would instead go to Admin > Ticketing Applications > [your ticket app for the service] > Request Forms > [locate request form used for service].  If the service did not use a form created from Admin, and was instead manually created, you would go to your Service Catalog, locate the service and choose to edit it. Go to the Form tab to modify the form. Then find your field on the form, choose to make it "Required" and save the form.

I hope this has clearly provided instruction on how a form in a Service Catalog service can be modified.

Please let me know if you need any other assistance with this.

Mark Sayers

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