File Attachment Issue

I am unable to attach large files. It appears that files under 30M can be attached but when I attempt to attach larger files I receive a 404 error (File or directory can not be found).

I've attached my notes based on what I was told to do a while back but I'm not sure it's still valid. Please advise.


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Asked by Bill Campbell on Tue 10/11/16 9:22 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 10/11/16 9:28 AM

Hi Bill,

This has been asked before (see this question) as far as what TeamDynamix will support vs what seems to actually work for uploading larger files. While TeamDynamix does support file sizes up to 50MB, web application servers do tend to have difficulty handling those larger files. We do generally recommend zipping your larger files before attempting to upload them so they have a better change of being processed correctly by the servers.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about file sizes, or if zipping your file still does not work to get it to upload.

Mark Sayers

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