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We have recently implemented the ticketing survey function. For the time being, we have use the generic TeamDynamix from/reply to email addresses.

We'd like to adjust the from to be our support team. In our case, The Hub (<>).

Will the Reply To automatically display the<> or may we keep the Reply to set to the TeamDynamix address?

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Asked by Maggie Eaheart on Tue 8/30/16 11:37 AM Last edited Fri 11/4/16 1:46 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 8/31/16 11:22 AM

Hi Maggie,

The new Email Cloud Service in Admin > Organization Settings > Email Replies allows you to set the Reply-To email address that will be used for the reply tokens on notifications. If Reply-To email tokens are used, this email address will be required to be set specifically by an administrator to something your organization monitors. This is outlined in the help text for the Email Reply-To token attribute on the Email Replies page.

The "From" email address and display name for surveys is not configurable at this time. It will either show as coming from the user who initiated the survey notification being sent, or the system if the system initiated the email.

I hope this fully explains the capabilities of survey email configurations. If you have any further questions please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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