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We have a new user that's trying to enter time (My Work -> My Time Card -> Add Time), but when they go to do so, they see nothing in the dropdowns to select. And, selecting from the dropdowns is required, so they're not able to do anything at that point. I'm guessing it's probably a permissions issue, but their account has been modeled after similar user accounts.

Any ideas?


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Asked by Chad Martin on Thu 8/25/16 2:32 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 8/25/16 2:45 PM

Hi Chad,

Has your user been added as a resource on any projects yet? No items will show in the project listing if they have not been added. Additionally, if they've not been added to a project, there will be no Time Types to select as those are displayed based on the project selected to add time to.

Let us know and we will be able to better direct you to a solution for this if that does not fix the issue.

Mark Sayers

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