Attempting to give access to a student employee for the user portal. Currently has access to the client portal

I am attempting to provide access to a student employee who will be responsible for building workflows and forms for different services and cannot seem to have him log into the user portal successfully. He is able to log into the client portal without issue. I am also trying to provide access to an Associate Director so she can build attributes and gave her Admin rights but she does not see the Admin tool. Her name is Michelle Rakoczy. The student worker is Mason Johnson.

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Asked by Angela O'Leary on Tue 8/23/16 10:47 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 8/23/16 11:27 AM

Hi Angela,

What license type did you give your student worker Mason? If you look at the Knowledge Base article here on License types, the student worker will not be able to access TDNext with a Client type license.

For your administrator Michelle, depending on what functions you need her to be able to do, you will need to add her as an organizational administrator. To do this, an existing admin with permissions to add other admins needs to go to the Admin application and select your BE. Then, select the Administrators tab and choose the "Add" button. Try that, along with the desired license type and see if she is able to access everything needed at that point.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or need assistance with configuring their permissions further.

Mark Sayers

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