Workspace reporting for rolling up ticket time

I am trying move from tracking support time from a Project to a Workspace with associated Tickets but I am not getting the results I am expecting to see.  Check out the images attached. 

The standard actual hours report correctly displays the Workspace, "TuftsProjects Support & Admin" - green checks.  Side note that the Project with "Administration" spelled out is the previous Project I am tracking this time against.  Just focus on my highlights.

However, looking at my custom built actual hours report, Project/Workspace is missing - red Xs.  Am I missing something to get this to display as expected?

I need this to show in the custom reports because we use these over the standard reports.


- Brian


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Asked by Brian Miller on Mon 8/15/16 11:50 AM
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Phil Curl Mon 8/15/16 2:19 PM

Hi Brian,

The "Actual Hours" custom report only tracks workspace time that is entered directly against a workspace. It does not perform any roll up of ticket time whose type is associated with the particular workspace. The canned "Actual Hours" report, however, does perform that roll up behind the scenes, which is why you are seeing workspace-level time for the ticket in question. It is currently not possible to replicate this behavior in a custom report. This is due to the fact that you'd also have to include time entered against tickets whose type belonged to workspace "X", making displaying all workspaces and their rolled-up time extremely difficult. I hope this helps add some clarity to custom actual hours reports. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know and we will be happy to help.


Phil Curl


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