Why are Update and Comment buttons hidden for Web Plan Manager Tasks?

I am missing update and comments buttons on the feed in task details with using the web based project plan manager which is otherwise an AWESOME upgrade from Silverlight!!

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Asked by Will Turek on Thu 8/11/16 12:30 PM
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Jamey Stock Thu 8/11/16 12:42 PM

Hi Will,

When viewing the Task Detail page in Web Plan Manager, feed items are only able to be added if the plan is checked in. However, if the plan is checked out, users are unable to provide updates/comments directly from the Task Detail page. The reason for this is to avoid confusion when looking at the feed for a task.

When you check out a plan, you are able to edit all of the tasks in the plan before saving. At the time of saving, the system automatically generates feed items for updated tasks. Due to this, we assume all feed entries should be generated by the plan changes themselves when a plan is checked out. When the plan is checked in, you should be able to update/comment on each task individually.

I hope this helps to explain why we do not support manual task feed entry when a plan is checked out. Please let us know if you would like additional clarification or there is anything else we can do for you.

Jamey Stock

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Ryan Williams-Cudo Thu 3/17/22 4:09 PM

I am unable to check out a plan in TDX, is there a reason for this. 

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Hello Ryan,
Is it checked out to someone else currently? If no, you can verify your security role has permissions to edit plans at TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Security Roles > [your security role].
- Mark Sayers Fri 3/18/22 9:43 AM

Will Turek Thu 8/11/16 12:43 PM Last edited Thu 8/11/16 12:44 PM

Never mind, I already figured it out based on the tags. In order to update or comment on an individual task the plan needs to be checked in.

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