Knowledge Base Permission Issue

Users that do not have the review articles permission cannot set the status of the new article being created from the new ticket or update ticket window. A status drop down box should appear containing the status options of not submitted and submitted for users without the review articles permission.

Users with the review article permission but without the view all articles permission, should be able to see/review submitted articles that do not have any visibility restrictions; for example articles that exist in a category with a group visibility permission.

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Asked by Jude Mmereole on Thu 8/4/16 11:40 AM
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Jamey Stock Thu 8/4/16 11:50 AM

Hi Jude,

  1. Users who do not have the Review Articles permission are unable to change article status. When creating a KB article without this permission, the article will be created with a status of Not Submitted. After editing this article in the Client Portal, you can submit the article for review.
  2. Users with Review Articles permission can search for articles in the Client Portal by locating the Articles Pending Review toolbar option in the Knowledge Base application. This allows the user to search for articles and then approve them after reading through the content.

I hope this helps to clear up your questions about how Knowledge Base permissions are enforced. Please let us know if you would like additional clarification or there is anything else we can do for you.

Jamey Stock

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