TeamDynamix 9.4 Admin Application Navigation Scheme Changes

In looking at the new Admin navigation I noticed that when you select Admin from the suite of applications available the Admin service now opens in a new window.  Is this by design and is it possible to have it open up as a tab in the existing set of TD services like it used to.


Denis Walsh

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Asked by Denis Walsh on Wed 7/27/16 1:22 PM Last edited Tue 9/6/16 10:51 AM
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Adam Torres Thu 8/4/16 3:05 PM

Hi All,

We made this change to Admin for several reasons. 

1. We needed to remove frame(iframes) based layout from the design to get 508 compliance.

2. We wanted a 100% responsive layout that would work on Phones, Tablets, and computers of all sizes.

3. We wanted to attempt for the user to not have to scroll vertically for navigation. To do that, we needed all of the vertical space available.

4. We wanted every page in our app to be addressable with a simple URL.  The in page frames obfuscate the actual URL you are on.  Having addressable URLs will allow us to send you a link in an email, feed post, or word document that may outline how to perform certain functions within TeamDynamix.

5. We wanted an app that worked well with all types of touch based screens. 

In the end, we are investigating moving all new apps to this type of model.  This also helps us with our mobile and native windows app strategy.


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Denis Walsh Wed 7/27/16 2:08 PM


It just seems strange that you have the functionality in the current release and chose to remove it in release 9.4. It does make for less that clean navigation and usability from an Admins perpective.


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Lucas Friedrichsen Thu 8/4/16 2:48 PM

I agree with Denis.

Why did this functionality change from open in tab to a new window?

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Mark Sayers Wed 7/27/16 1:54 PM

Hi Denis,

This is by design to open the Admin application in a new tab. We do not currently have functionality to control this via a setting, but we can certainly look into adding this feature.

I apologize if this causes any inconvenience. If you would like to request this functionality to be changed, you can visit our Client Portal Home page and select the "Request a feature" button to submit the request.

Mark Sayers

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