New Security Role Not allowing Users to Create SC and KB Articleslena

We have a non-IT department that we want to allow limited access to create SC & KB articles and Questions. I've attached the new security role I set up for them and a sample of the general and applications tab from one of the affected user's records. These users are not able to see the buttons in the client portal that would allow them to create new entries and I cannot find a reason as to why. We do not want to grant them TDNext access, so we are trying to find a way to allow them to provide content thru the Client Portal only.

I've had them use multiple browsers, clear cookies/cache/history, use incognito mode, etc. I even went so far as to dial up their security and grant them all KB, SC and Question permissions and it seems like the permission changes simply aren't reaching the user, even after 24 hours has passed.

I also double checked category permissions for SC/KB to see if those were interfering and we are not excluding/limiting to any groups. Please advise.

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Asked by Lena McLain on Wed 7/20/16 1:49 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 7/20/16 1:55 PM

It looks like the TDNext restriction (ie. not giving that to the users in question) is what is holding them back from being able to add articles and services. This is a requirement to ensure that only licensed users are able to add content to the Client Portal.

Would you be interested in reconsidering your decision to not allow TDNext access for these users?
Mark Sayers

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