Unable to delete services that do not have tickets, project, or requests associated with them

We are trying to clean up our services so I created a ticket report to identify tickets that need to be removed from any service that contains “do not use” in the title. When I save and run the report it results in 0 tickets associated with these service. I then go to the “Admin” tab “Service Catalog” and select “Services” and search for services that contain “do not use”. The results show that these services containing "do not use" have tickets associated with them. Note they do not show any projects or request associated, just tickets. We cannot delete these services because the system thinks there are tickets associated to these services but from the report I ran earlier we see there are no tickets associated with them. 

Please see the attached word document that show screen sots of this process.

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Asked by Daniel Stuckey on Sun 7/10/16 8:26 PM
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Mark Sayers Sun 7/10/16 8:32 PM

Hi Daniel,

You mentioned you created the ticket report, but which application did you use to create that report with? A ticketing application is not able to report on information pertaining to another ticketing application, so if that is how your report was created, it would explain why the tickets that are associated with the services aren't being returned in the report.

Try creating your report via the Analysis report and see if that will return the results you are looking for.

If you have any questions about this please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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Hello Mark,

I am facing the same issue, unable to delete a service. It says "You cannot delete this service because one or more offering, project, request, ticket, email monitor, or survey response is associated with it.". However, the tickets were already closed.

Thank you
- Mounika Dontha Thu 7/27/23 1:35 PM
You would need to associate the tickets or forms/email monitors/etc. physically to another service before you can delete the service. Not just close the ticket, but manually edit it to associate it with another service. If it is a lot of tickets and other associated items, you can reassociate the service to another more applicable service in TDAdmin > Applications > [client portal] > Service Catalog > Services. - Mark Sayers Thu 7/27/23 1:46 PM
Hello Mark,

I can't find the closed tickets in the portal. Can you please help me on it.

Thank you
- Mounika Dontha Thu 7/27/23 1:48 PM
To locate a ticket that is associated with a service you would want to use a Ticket Report. You create a ticket report in TDnext > [your ticketing app], and make sure to filter it on tickets where the Service equals the particular service you're wanting to delete.

If it is a lot of tickets, the reassociation I mentioned would likely be faster to get those existing tickets off that service and onto another one.
- Mark Sayers Thu 7/27/23 1:51 PM
Hi Mark,

As I mentioned that, I have closed the tickets. They are not visible in the TDNext as well. Kindly help me access the closed tickets in the TDNext.

Thank you
- Mounika Dontha Thu 7/27/23 1:54 PM