Invalid Email alert when adding a new user

I am attempting to add a new user but I get this invalid email alert when doing so. Is the character length the problem? That's all I can see, the address is valid per our rules.

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Asked by Billie Herman on Tue 7/5/16 2:54 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 7/5/16 3:20 PM

Hi BIllie,

I just tried to re-create your scenario in my sandbox and was not able to. Copying and pasting the addressed into those fields should not cause any issues, nor is character length as I also copied mine and made sure they were the same length as the user you were working on in your screen shot.

It is strange that this happened for you, but I am glad it did allow the save to go through after you typed it in. If this is the only instance of this happening I would consider it a system goof. Please let us know if it starts to cause problems with further account creation though.

If there is anything else I can do for you on this please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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Billie Herman Tue 7/5/16 3:31 PM

I think its the only time so we can just chalk it up to a glitch, just found it odd.

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Billie Herman Tue 7/5/16 2:59 PM

Very strange. I just thought that maybe its because I pasted in the email address - I made sure to no leading spaces. So I tried wiping out the Primary Email, then typed it back in.  I then copied the Primary Email to the Alert Email and it worked, no error message. 

So its because I copied and pasted the Primary Email?  Weird.

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