Cannot create a TDClient from another TDClient-created form

It may be that I do not understand the "Shared form" language.

To reproduce:
1. In TDClient create a form for a service
2. In TDClient go to a second service to the "Form" section
3. Select "copy from existing shared form" and notice that the form created in step #1 is not available

Here is a short video describing the issue:

Tags service-catalog forms form
Asked by John Borwick on Thu 6/30/16 10:15 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 6/30/16 10:18 AM

Hi John,

The ability to create shared forms is something clients have asked about before. We do have a Question and answer thread in our Questions system ( Here ) that covers how to create a shared form for the service catalog services. Please take a look at the answer to that thread as it should explain exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions after giving that a glance please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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