Ticket Types and Workspaces

When I create a new Workspace, I can associate Ticket Types with it. Similarly, whe I create a new Ticket Type, I can associate Workspace with it. What is the purpose for this association? Can I open a particular Workspace and see all tickets of the Type that was associated with it? If so, I can't seem to find that place....

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Asked by Bodek Frak on Fri 6/24/16 8:59 AM
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Jason Ehmann Fri 6/24/16 10:12 AM

Hello Bodek,

One of the primary functions of a "Workspace" is to account for a resource's operational allocation, so a clear picture of one's availability can be viewed when staffing projects and change/ops work.  Effectively, when a resource is assigned to a "Workspace" with assigned hours, their overall available capacity will decrease.  Many schools who use this function also desire a way to compare the assigned resource's estimated allocation to actual time spent supporting that operational function.  This allows the school to adjust future allocations based on historical data. 

Currently, in TeamDynamix there are several ways to track time to a "Workspace":

  1. A resource tracks actual time directly to the operational "Workspace" using their timecard access.
  2. A resource tracks actual time against a ticket which then rolls up to the "Workspace".  For example, clients will create a general help desk "Workspace" to account for one's allocation and time spent supporting the help desk.  This method provides the technician with a user friendly way to track time against the "Workspace" as they administer tickets versus requiring them to go to their timecard, each instance, to track time. 

In order to make the second option work, you must first configure the "Workspace" to automatically pull in time tracked against specific ticket types.  This setting can be managed via the "Workspace" directly or via the "Ticket Type" admin page.

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So when tracking time to a Workspace, is it best to track using only one of the options OR can you do both? Is there a recommendation? - Monica Crawford Wed 5/13/20 8:56 AM
You could do either one. Say you did 3 hrs work on a ticket whose Type was associated with the workspace. You could report those 3 hrs against the ticket, and the association would cause them to roll up into the workspace, or you could put that time directly against the workspace from your time card (bypassing putting hrs on the ticket). I would not advise doing both, as that'd look like you worked double the actual amount of worked time. - Mark Sayers Wed 5/13/20 9:57 AM