Android users seeing e-mail notifications in tiny font

Hello! I have a user who has a Nexus 5 Android device running OS 6.01, and is using the native e-mail client to connect to an Office 365 account through which he receives TD incident notifications. The connection type is ActiveSync. These messages alone come through in a very tiny font that requires manually zooming it to make them readable. I believe that I experienced this issue some time ago when using an Android device to receive similar messages. It is almost as if there is formatting is suggesting that the message be made to fit the screen area and reducing the font size. 

I am wondering if this may be a known issue of some kind with certain models of these devices. We do have other folks using Android devices who do not have this issue at all. 

Is this familiar to anyone, and if so, any known workarounds?



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Asked by Lee Silverman on Fri 6/17/16 4:16 PM Last edited Fri 6/17/16 4:37 PM
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Matt Sayers Thu 6/23/16 10:59 AM

Hi Lee and David,

Thank you for pointing this out to us. You are correct on all counts here. This is something we've seen start to pop up and it seems to mostly impact newer Android 6.x devices, in the GMail app with an Exchange (ActiveSync) account. This looks like it is due to the reply token string being a long, unbroken text string in fact. This is causing the newer device mail clients to scale text incorrectly.

We have a fix in testing right now which should constrain the token string to a 300 pixel container and force it to wrap properly. That way the email clients will not interpret it as a long, unbreaking string and try to scale the email text strangely. This fix will go out this weekend so you should see the difference Saturday.

If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know.

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David Durling Mon 6/20/16 11:51 AM Last edited Mon 6/20/16 11:52 AM

One of our users on an Android 6.x device has the same tiny text issue when reading TD notices in their gmail, whereas I don't, but I'm on an old 4.4.4 version (using gmail).  This doesn't happen for them on the notices where we're using a notification template that's totally redone from the default.  One possibility for that notification being okay is that it doesn't use table markup.

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