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I have a co-worker that can't access one of our shared desktops. Others are able to access it. He is able to access other shred desktops. He has the highest paid license (enterprise). I went into his account, removed the shared desktop and re-added it. Then I told him to log out of his browser and then go back into TD. He still can't access it. Do you know why?

Dawn McIntosh

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Asked by Dawn McIntosh on Fri 5/27/16 2:29 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 5/27/16 2:30 PM


It looks like the desktop report has been restricted to only be visible to certain groups. He is not a member of any of the groups that currently are permitted to view the report from which the desktop originates. He will need to be added to one of the specified groups in order to view the desktop report in question.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions on this please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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