Attribute Type of Active Directory or Person

Can we add an attribute type of "Person" or "Active Directory", just like the field "Requestor"? If not how can I suggest this as a feature? 

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Asked by Chase Willden on Thu 5/12/16 10:43 AM Last edited Tue 10/25/16 11:45 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 5/12/16 11:24 AM

Hi Chase,

Currently those fields are not possible to be added as attributes. You can suggest it as a feature by visiting our Services catalog. Go to the category for User Support, then select the option for suggesting an enhancement to the TeamDynamix application suite.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Mark Sayers

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We need this feature as well. We need to associate various people in specific roles with many of our projects. - Jon Ricketson Tue 2/12/19 8:41 AM