Reporting on Functional Role on Requests

I am able to report and filter on Functional Roles on Project Requests in Portfolio Planning. I can also report and filter on Resource Pools in Analysis using Project Reports and Projects and Requests Reports. But I am not able to filter on Functional Roles on Projects and Requests Reports. True?

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Asked by Barrie Sutton on Wed 4/20/16 4:42 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 4/21/16 11:09 AM

Hi Barrie,

You are correct that Functional Roles cannot be filtered on from a Projects and Requests report in the Analysis application. I apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.

If you feel that Functional Roles attribute should be included on that report, you can submit an enhancement request for review to add it. If it can't easily be added to that report, we can always also look into having our Professional Services group create a custom report source for you.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in regards to this question.

Mark Sayers

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