Client license type and ability to receive email notices

Even though I can add users with a Client license type to groups, it seems the users do not receive email notifications sent to the group like other users with Technician licenses do.  Is there any way to make that happen?  My intent was to allow them to receive notices even though they won't be technicians - sort of like a reviewer, except they don't have access to the application.

David Durling


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Asked by David Durling on Fri 3/11/16 4:05 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 3/18/16 1:58 PM

David and Chuck,

The system as in it's current state will not allow Client licensed users to receive emails from group notifications on tickets. The idea is if the user does not have the access to the ticketing application due to their license type restricting it, then they also do not receive the notification from that application.

I hope this explains why Client users are not able to receive notifications on group ticket updates/comments. If either of you have further questions please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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David Durling Fri 3/18/16 4:55 PM

Thanks, Mark!  I guess the main way around this for non-technicians is to include their address in the  "Notify Other Email Addresses" on ticket types and/or SLAs.  That isn't quite as good as them being in a group to me, but it might be okay.


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Chuck Renninger Tue 3/15/16 1:48 PM

Hi TeamDynamix

I'm interested in this too. We have a group which is a mix of Technicians and Clients. It seems as though only the Technicians get notified if you check the group in the Notifications box of an update. We would also like the Clients to be notified at ticket creation when they are in the Responsible group.


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