Using Custom Attributes in Notification Templates

Is the Custom Attribute template tag tied to the custom attributes that are created for tickets? If so, how does one use that tag to grab one of the custom attributes? The directions in the help text aren't helpful. 

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Asked by Ron Vallejo on Mon 2/29/16 5:29 PM Last edited Fri 11/4/16 4:15 PM
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Jamey Stock Tue 3/1/16 11:29 AM

Hi Ron,

The only way that the CustomAttributes tag can be used in Ticket Notification Templates is by using formatting similar to that provided in the help text. Clicking on CustomAttributes from the dropdown will insert these start/end tags, although it does not insert the name or value tags.

Instead of using {{CustomAttributes}} like the rest of the attributes, you must insert the {{#CustomAttributes}} and {{/CustomAttributes}} tags with the {{Name}} and {{Value}} tags placed in between. The reason for this is that, unlike fields such as description, multiple custom attributes can be provided for a ticket. Due to this, a custom attribute "area" must be defined with the start/end tags instead of simply inserting one tag.

If no custom attributes have values provided for a ticket, then this section will not be rendered in the email. Otherwise, all of the ticket attributes with supplied values will be displayed in the notification. There is no way for specific custom attributes to be selected/included in the notification, and all attributes with provided values will be shown.

I hope this helps to explain why the CustomAttributes tag has different formatting, as well as how you can properly use it in ticketing email notifications. Please let us know if you would like additional clarification or there is anything else we can do for you.

Jamey Stock

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Matt Sayers Fri 3/30/18 7:34 PM

Hi Lucas,

Notification templates only include client-visible attributes. They will never include PCAs. The page help for notification does try to indicate the part about the client-visible:

The CustomAttributes field is a list of the client-visible custom attributes for the particular item.

Let me know if that helps.

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Lucas Friedrichsen Fri 3/30/18 7:30 PM

This will e-mail values for ANY custom attribute correct, even those that are NOT set to "client visible"?

What about protected custom attributes? Do those get emailed also?

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Mark Sayers Fri 3/30/18 1:13 PM

Hello Michaela,

Which notification template are you editing where you do not see the Custom Attribute tag in the Template Tags dropdown?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Michaela Rolseth Fri 3/30/18 12:48 PM


We do not have the Custom Attribute tag in the drop down menu. Can I still manually type it?


Michaela Rolseth

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