Will the 9.3 upgrade change current mail functionality until the local Email Service is upgraded?


In regards to the upcoming SaaS update to 9.3:

We use the TeamDynamix SaaS service with the Email Service installed locally.

The release notes for version 9.3 include some Email Service changes "Notify responsible users on ticket creation" and "Enable creation of new requestors", which show as extra checkboxes in the email service - so I assume a new version will be out for us to install.

Is that correct? If so, will we need to install it that same weekend of February 27, or will current functionality continue uninterrupted with the Email Service if we remain on for a couple of weeks after that?

We rely on the email functionality a lot, with many mailboxes configured, so it is very important to our operation to know if anything will be affected by the upcoming SaaS 9.3 upgrade.

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Asked by David Durling on Fri 2/19/16 9:30 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 2/19/16 9:51 AM

Hi David,

In general, whenever updates are released involving the Email Service, older versions installed will continue to work as they always have. You will need to keep in mind that it will not be able to process any notifications during the 4 hour upgrade window as all applications will be offline. It might be advisable to pause it during that time, or remember that any emails will be sent to the Unsuccessful folder and will need to be moved to the Inbox afterwards.

The new changes to the service will be available to you with a new download of the service, which you can install at any point after the 9.3 release. It does not have to be within any certain time frame after 9.3 is released, you just will not be able to take advantage of the new features without an updated install.

I hope this has addressed all of your questions on this. If there is anything else we can clarify for you, please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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Matt Sayers Fri 2/19/16 6:05 PM

Hi David,

Yes, the maintenance this weekend will impact the email service similar to the upgrade next weekend. It wouldn't hurt to pause your service this weekend as well. 

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David Durling Fri 2/19/16 12:56 PM Last edited Fri 2/19/16 12:56 PM

Thank you, that brings to mind this weekend's SaaS infrastructure change.  Is that outage likely to caused emails handled by the local TD Email Service to go into the Unsuccessful folders as well?

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