Estimated and Actual Dates for Projects

I want to ensure that I can report estimated and actual start and end dates for a project. I see that there are three sets of values: Initial, baseline and Current.. I believe I have been able to find these attributes when creating a report 

I'm assuming the following:
- the 'Current' (Start/End values in the report drop down list) values are based on the current project plan or the dates manually entered if managing by project.
- The Baseline ('Base Start/end) values are from a saved baseline in the Plan Manager - if so, is this the most recent baseline?

I don't know how the 'Initial' values are set.

Can you tell me where and how these values are set? 


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Asked by Susan McGillivray on Wed 2/10/16 3:53 PM
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Phil Curl Wed 2/10/16 3:54 PM

Hi Susan,

The "Current" values listed are the start and end dates of the projects at this exact moment. The "Initial" values, however, are the start and end date associated with the project when it was first created. 

As an example, say I create a project and expect that project to start on 2/15/2016 and end on 5/15/2016. I would then use those dates and the start and end date for the project when I initially create it. Those dates then become the projects initial start and end dates. If, a few days later, I realize those dates are not correct and need to update them, the new values become the projects "Current" start and end date, while the project's "Initial" start and end date are still 2/15/2016 and end on 5/15/2016. 

The project's baseline is added to a project by accessing the project's detail page, clicking "Actions", and then selecting the "Add Baseline" option. This can only be done on projects you manage. 

I hope this has added some clarity to the different types of project dates. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know.

Phil Curl

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