Email Service settings to allow both ticket creation and replies

Some of our customers, rather than replying to the email message from TeamDynamix so the reply updates the ticket, will instead email a response to the email address that's set up to create tickets.  Since that address is not set up to handle reply tokens, the response is sent to the Unsuccessful folder.  Controlling the customers' behavior would be difficult, so I'm looking for a technical solution.

The instructional video says to set "enable reply-by-email" = "no" on mailboxes that create tickets, probably just out of principle.  But is there any reason a mailbox should not have both "enable new ticket creation" and "enable reply-by-email" checked?  That would seem to be a good solution for us, but wanted to see if there's any downside.


David Durling

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Asked by David Durling on Thu 1/14/16 12:18 PM
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Matt Sayers Thu 1/14/16 2:45 PM

Hi David,

I would to clarify the first answer a bit for you because it was not completely accurate. Our apologies on that.

You can absolutely set one ticketing configuration in the email service to Create New ticket and handle replies. If you configured the service like that, the email service would look for that presence of that token string at the bottom of the email first. If a reply token was found, the email would be handled as a reply. If no reply token was found, a new ticket would be created.

The reason we suggest separating them into two inboxes is because it makes it a little more apparent why an email might have gone to the unsuccessful folder. But there isn't anything stopping you from using one inbox. When using just one inbox and routing replies there, new tickets will just be created if the token isn't detected in a reply email.

Does that make sense?

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Matt Sayers Fri 4/28/17 10:48 AM

Hi Chuck,

Reply be email does still exist. It now lives under Admin > Organization Settings > Email Replies. You configure it there to handle the reply-by-email stuff. Once that is configured and turned on you'll start to see the reply tokens again and the custom reply-to address. Let me know if that helps.

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Chuck Renninger Fri 4/28/17 10:41 AM

It might have been obvious, but I just realized that with custom email inboxes, Replying to the ticket just goes back to the custom inbox, it doesn't go to our reply-to email address. And I don't see that we have the option to monitor for reply tokens there.

So unless I'm missing something, you've taken away some functionality since we could monitor for reply tokens in the custom inboxes with the non-cloud email monitor.

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Chuck Renninger Wed 4/26/17 4:53 PM

Hi Mark

It seems that your answer ' Typically though, for the cloud service, clients will have ticket creation monitors, and the replies monitor, both be looking at the same Inbox.' only works if you don't have multiple inboxes? We have multiple email boxes and would like to have the basic 'reply-to' reply monitor and also have another reply monitor looking at another inbox. Am I missing something?



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Mark Sayers Mon 4/17/17 9:12 AM


The ticketing creation email monitors themselves cannot handle responses, no. But, if you have your email replies active from the cloud replies monitor in Admin > Organization Settings > Email Replies, whenever someone replies to a ticket notification with the reply token in it, that will get sent back to the email address which is being monitored for replies. This will depend on the email client they are using though as to whether or not that reply-to address gets respected when they attempt this. For instance, the Windows 10 Mail app will not respect that address correctly.

Typically though, for the cloud service, clients will have ticket creation monitors, and the replies monitor, both be looking at the same Inbox. The settings can be made so the monitor will do nothing if a creation monitor comes across a message with a reply in it, and vice versa, so they won't grab and move emails they shouldn't be touching. Essentially a creation monitor can leave a reply there to be picked up by the replies monitor, and only then will that message get moved to the Processed folder.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Mark Sayers

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Chuck Renninger Fri 4/14/17 4:50 PM

We have this same situation where users will send updates to the ticket creation mailbox. I don't see that you can configure the new email monitors to enable 'reply-by-email'.

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David Durling Thu 1/14/16 2:53 PM


That makes sense, and that's what we were hoping for.  We do have a dedicated reply-to address set up, but there are some occasions where the customers don't use "reply" for some reason - or they forward the token-containing message around to someone else then email us back -  so being able to set up accounts to do double-duty when needed is great!


David Durling

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Mark Sayers Thu 1/14/16 2:28 PM

Hi David,

The reason for not allowing reply-by-email on mailboxes that have "enable new ticket creation" turned on is that each reply would then cause a brand new ticket to be created. The mailbox setting to create new tickets doesn't differentiate between a "new" email and a "reply" email, so it will cause new tickets upon each individual message that arrives in it's inbox.

In Admin, on your BE settings there is a setting for Email token reply-to address. When users reply to notifications using those reply-by-email tokens, if the correct address is in that section, you should be receiving the emails that come in with those tokens. Additionally, you may need to add instructions to your notification templates to inform the user against changing the "To" line of their email response when replying to the notifications. It's really difficult to come up with other technical solutions to a problem that seems like some gentle coaxing might be what's needed.

I hope this helps explain why you do not want to have "reply-by-email" enabled for mailboxes that can create new tickets as well. If you have any further questions on this, please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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