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We have a user who would like to create a ticket task report for tasks whose parent tickets have a custom field set to certain things. However, the custom fields for the parent tickets do not appear in the filter drop-downs. Is there a way to add those in? Ideally, we'd be able to flag certain attributes for reporting, since we have enough custom fields that it would make the list horribly cumbersome.



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Asked by William Dowd on Mon 1/11/16 2:48 PM Last edited Tue 10/25/16 11:47 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 1/11/16 4:39 PM

Hi William,

Unfortunately you cannot specify certain attributes for the parent on the ticket task report. You could only specify the parent itself.

This would be something you can submit as an enhancement request for the development team to consider for a future version of TeamDynamix. To submit the enhancement, you can navigate here and request the service.

I hope this has helped. If you need any other questions answered please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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