Submit Time Report for another User

I know you can add time to a task for someone else if you have the right setting applied to your security role. Is it possible to submit a time report on behalf of another user?


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Asked by Andrew Lutzuk on Mon 12/7/15 11:20 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 12/7/15 12:55 PM

Hi Andrew,

It is not possible for you to submit a user's entire time report on their behalf. You can only add individual time entries for someone else, as you mentioned. The user will need to access the system at some point and submit the time report themselves.

I hope this has fully answered your question. If you have any other questions on this topic, please let us know.

Mark Sayers

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Katie Ingalls Wed 8/11/21 10:45 AM

Has there been any change to this functionality? Either the ability to enter time for another user or the ability to submit a time card for another user? 


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We do allow for folks to submit time on behalf of other users for project tasks and tickets, however it is not currently possible to submit another user's entire weekly timecard for them. - Mark Sayers Wed 8/11/21 10:48 AM