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I would like to write a report that gives me recently approved requests (these are new projects) within the last two weeks. Basically it should be every project that was converted from a request  in the last two weeks.

What is the best way to create this report?

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Asked by Lisa Veloz on Thu 11/12/15 9:14 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 11/12/15 9:22 AM

Hi Lisa,

There isn't a great way to report on this at this time. You might be able to create a custom attribute to track the origin of the project (ie. created in projects, analysis, project request, etc.). You could then report and filter on that attribute as well as the project creation date. This should get you fairly close to what you are looking for in your report going forward. It wouldn't set any values for that attribute on projects that were created before the attribute existed, so if you want older projects to have this information stored someone would have to go back and set it manually.

I hope this has answered your question and given you an option to accomplish the reporting you are looking for. If this does not work, or you would like some greater reporting ability, an enhancement request can be submitted here for consideration in future versions of TeamDynamix.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this topic.

Mark Sayers

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