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I am in the process of adding services to the Service Catalog within TD. Is it possible to customize the attributes on the New Service form (attached)? For example, I have a customer who would like me to add some additional fields to their services. Similar to how I can add attributes to a ticket type within the Ticketing Application.

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Asked by Michael Fiszlewicz on Wed 10/28/15 3:14 PM Last edited Tue 10/25/16 11:47 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 10/28/15 4:05 PM

Hi Michael,

If your service request type is either Tickets or Projects, you can customize the attributes on the form. So the form you attached is the basic setup for a new service. Complete that and save it. Then, while viewing the new service, click the "Edit Service" button over to the right. You will notice several options displayed beneath the title you have chosen for your service. Choose the Form option, then pick whether you want to create a new form, use an existing shared form, or create a new form using an existing shared form. Once you've made your selection, hit Save. The form should now show for you. If the attributes you need to not show already, at the top of the selections on the left hand side is an option to Add New Field. You can name the new field, choose it's Type, and add choices if it will be an attribute needing the user to choose something. Save the attribute and put it on your form as needed. You can create attributes in this way as needed.

I hope this has answered your questions fully. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the service request forms.

Mark Sayers

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Michael Fiszlewicz Thu 10/29/15 9:55 AM Last edited Thu 10/29/15 10:44 AM

Thanks for your reply, Mark. I was hoping customize the service definition within the Service Catalog itself. It would be great if I could add some additional fields/attributes on the service itself. An example of the information I would like to add to the service are: 

  • Available To: This field could be a list of roles (faculty, staff, students, affiliates, etc...)
  • Requirements For Service: A text box or list of requirements (telephone, computer, VoIP phone, network jack, etc...)
  • Fee: Field to indicate if a service is free or fee-based
  • Support Hours
  • Service Availability
  • Service Owner
  • Etc...

I'm looking for a way to add fields/attributes for standard information associated with each service. This would assist our IT Staff (Service Desk and others) and possibly even clients as they look through our service catalog. 

We have added some of this information to the "Long Description" area on the service definition form. However, it would be best if we could add fields for the standard information needed. Using fields/attributes for this information would allow us to sort, report, standardize, and better manage the information for each service.

I hope this a better description of my question. Is this possible within TeamDynamix?

Thanks, Mike.

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Mark Sayers Wed 11/4/15 9:52 AM


Sorry for the delay in responding on this. The service description page is not customizable in the manner you describe. Only the request forms for the services themselves are customizable. You would need to fit any applicable information into the text boxes provided, but they do have character limits.

If you would like we could enter this as an enhancement request on your behalf to make the service catalog service description page customizable. Or, if you feel you can best describe the functionality you are looking for, navigate to the service request and submit it personally.

I hope this has fully answered your question. Let me know if you would like us to submit the enhancement or if you have any further questions that need to be answered.

Mark Sayers

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