Information for what requires access to the Admin Tool

I've read several of your articles about how to give access to the Admin tool and Licensing breakdowns (ID 2054, 7340, 7342, and a cool spreadsheet with smiley face indicators), but I cannot find anything that tells me why I need to grant access to the Admin tool.

What additions or changes have to be done in Admin, broken out by PPM and by ITSM vs. just having the Enterprise license with access to all Applications.

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Asked by Kathy Holman on Thu 10/22/15 3:44 PM Last edited Thu 10/22/15 3:53 PM
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Kevin Cook Mon 10/26/15 11:05 AM

For our Organization we click on Admin Tab, then click on the name of the organization. Then on the right we have the ability to add someone as an admin. If you don't have access to give admin access you will need to get that. We had to sign in as tdsysadmin to give some one on the team access to grant admin rights.

Hope this helps,
Kevin Cook

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Gerard Hennelly Fri 11/6/15 5:05 PM

HI Kathy,


In PPM you need to have Admin access to do the following (this is not an all inclusive list):


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Marcus Demas Fri 11/6/15 3:57 PM

Hello Kathy, 

The vast majority of the configuration for the TD suite happens through giving a user administrator (TDAdmin) access to the tool. Some reasons you would give a user access to admin is to add/edit ticket types, project types, users, client portal styling, services, service categories, ticket workflows, project workflows, desktop templates, attributes for the various components, request forms, etc. For operational tasks such as working on/managing tickets and projects, a user would not need admin access. I believe that you already know all of this information as I have laid it out, so can I ask what about the pain point(s) you are experiencing that drove you to ask this question? I wonder if the motive for asking is deeper than just wanting to know what is found within admin. 

Are you really looking for more siloed permissions surrounding the administration console? If so, we hear you and are working towards this effort. A big push surrounding this effort is the the ability to make a user an admin over a specific ticketing application, vs having to make them an admin over the entire environement. If that, and any other 9.2 features interest you, I will link you to the release notes for your convenience.

Please let me know how else I can help assist. 


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Kathy Holman Fri 11/6/15 11:30 AM

Yes, that article along with the other information I read is helpful.  But, this does not answer my original question.

Thank you both.

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Matt Sayers Fri 11/6/15 9:28 AM

Hi Kathy,

As Kevin from BYUI pointed out, Admin access is not controlled by a security role. We actually have a KB which explains this in full details here:

Let me know if this helps!

Finally, shout-out to Kevin for chiming in as well. Thanks Kevin!

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