Report Ordering on Custom FIelds

I have some customer fields and set up the Order attribute. When selecting from the drop down list, the order is correct. Can I get a report to also use this order attribute when sorting?

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Asked by Barrie Sutton on Tue 10/20/15 11:41 AM Last edited Fri 11/6/15 9:59 AM
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Matt Sayers Fri 11/6/15 9:23 AM

Hi Barrie,

At this time, the custom report builder sorting will not sort on custom field order. Those can only be sorted alphabetically. If you would like we can enter this as an enhancement request for you though.

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Barrie Sutton Tue 10/20/15 3:16 PM

I meant to CUSTOM fields, not customer. Here is an example of a custom field. The drop down is in the correct order to select, but when reported on, the report sort is alphabetic.



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Mark Sayers Tue 10/20/15 2:05 PM

Hi Barrie,

Are you able to provide a screen shot of your settings for the Order attribute you created? This will help in determining whether it should be reportable.

Thank you for any details you can provide on this.

Mark Sayers

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