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Is it possible to attach a workflow to a ticket template?  The goal here is to have either a Service Desk worker or external client (via Self Service) be able to select the ticket template for the service needed when creating a new incident, and have a workflow automatically attached and fire off once the incident is saved.

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Asked by Robert Hastings on Tue 10/20/15 11:03 AM Last edited Tue 10/20/15 11:31 AM
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Jamey Stock Tue 10/20/15 11:48 AM

Hi Robert,

Currently there is no way to associate a Ticket Workflow with a Ticket Template. However, you are able to associate a Task Template with a Ticket Template. Although this does not have the same functionality as a ticket workflow, it helps to associate a list of related work items with a ticket. In addition, each task can have a user or group marked as responsible.

I hope this helps clear everything up. If you find that task templates do not have the necessary functionality, I will create an enhancement request to add Workflow as a field on Ticket Templates. Please let us know if you would like further clarification or there is anything else we can do to assist you.

Jamey Stock

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Robert Hastings Tue 10/20/15 12:09 PM


Thank you for your quick response.  As I can see the possible need for either a Task Template or full Ticket Workflow it would be beneficial to have the option of one or the other when assigning a Ticket Template.  If it is possible to place an Enhancement Request to add Workflow as a field on Ticket Templates, please do. If I need to place that request though our TeamDynamix System Administrator, I am happy to pursue that route as well.

Thank you for the information!


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