Notifications for Ticket Workflow Approval Steps

Is it possible to have notifications sent to requestors (Client license), when their request is Approved/Rejected during an approval step in a ticket workflow?

For example, we have ticket workflows for website changes that contain Approval Steps assigned to our Communications Director, who has a Client license in our system. When the Comm. Dir. rejects a request and adds a comment explaining why, is it possible to notify the requestor with this information? I know that approval step notifications are customizable for Projects, but they target TDNext licensed users.

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Asked by Adam Smith on Mon 10/19/15 3:31 PM Last edited Tue 10/20/15 9:39 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 10/19/15 5:22 PM

Hi Adam,

I believe this KB article answers that question for you:

See the Workflow Rejection section under How a Ticket Moves Through a Workflow.

If this does not fully answer your questions, or if you have further questions about workflow rejection notifications, please let me know.

Mark Sayers

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