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We use portfolios to manage all projects for a specific department.  For example, we have a portfolio for HR and another for Payroll.  I am the manager for these portfolios in Team Dynamix.  As such, I basically need to have permissions to change resources, end dates, etc. for the projects in my portfolio.  However, I can only change information for projects that I am the project manager or alternate manager for.

As a portfolio manager, how can I update the system so that I have edit rights to all projects in my portfolio?



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Asked by Matt Alshab on Mon 10/12/15 4:51 PM Last edited Mon 10/12/15 5:26 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 6/27/16 4:33 PM

Hi Matt,

As you have pointed out, portfolio managers do not currently possess the permissions necessary to make project updates in the manner you have mentioned. This would be a great idea to suggest as a feature enhancement to the system. You can visit the Home page of our Client Portal and select the "Request a feature" button to submit this enhancement, or let me know and I will create an enhancement ticket on your behalf and notify you of it's creation.

Please let me know if you have any further questions around these permissions or the limitation to portfolio manager abilities.

Mark Sayers

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Matt Alshab Mon 6/27/16 1:57 PM

I'm still struggling with this lack of functionality. I understand from the response that there are techical limitations in the system, but it doesn't address the functional need to have program manaqgers/portfolio managers that oversee all projects within a portfolio.  For example, I will often need to change a project manager for a project, put a project on hold,  or change start and end dates, because I want to change the priority of projects.  Can't portfolio owners be given the same rights as the primary project managers for projects in their portfolios?  Thanks.

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Jamey Stock Tue 10/13/15 11:37 AM

Hi Matt,

The reason for this is that after a project request has been approved for a portfolio, project permissions are then enforced. Currently all project permission enforcement ensures that the current user is the PM or Alternate PM, as well as ensuring that the project is not in a certain state. For example, a project cannot be closed if it is already closed or it is a private project, even if the current user is the PM or Alternate PM.

However, these project requests that have not yet been finalized as projects have a separate set of permissions enforced. For the Portfolio Planning application, the following permissions are enforced:

  • Add Global Searches in Portfolio Planning
  • Always Assign Requests to Workflows
  • Always Edit Requests
  • Staff Requests
  • View all project requests belonging to assigned accts/depts

These permissions are enforced while the request is in the process of being approved, and the Project Manager / Alternate Manager are the users who have permission to perform actions on the project. I hope this helps to explain how permissions are being enforced. Please let us know if you would like further clarification or there is anything else we can do to assist you.

Jamey Stock

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