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Can someone with a Technicians License approve time if they have people reporting to them

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Asked by Roger Bias on Fri 10/9/15 12:09 PM Last edited Fri 10/9/15 2:51 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 10/9/15 2:57 PM

Hi Roger,

For a breakdown of the TeamDynamix License type definitions, see this article: https://solutions.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=7340

The only requirements for a user to be able to approve time are as follows:

  1. Have access to TDNext
  2. Have access to Time & Expense
  3. Have users reporting to them

I hope this fully answers your question about approving time. If you need further clarification on any of this, or have more questions please let us know.

Mark Sayers

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