Is there a setting in Admin to receive notifications when questions are posted on the Questions App on the Client Portal?

Basically, my institution wants to leverage the incredibly helpful Questions module since we all know that self service is a highly efficient way of helping our constituency, as well as the fact that it adds a lot more value to the client portal. But, how do we ensure that notifications are sent out to the appropriate resources when a question is posted? We do not want Questions floating around out there going unanswered since excellent Information Technology Service Management can be a key player in enrollment and and student retention. 

Asked by Marcus Demas on Thu 10/8/15 8:36 PM
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Marcus Demas Thu 10/8/15 9:04 PM

Hello Marcus, 

I am glad you asked, and bravo on a few of those points you made in your question about the value of the client portal. 

What I would recommend is that you create a few key categories to make it easier to organize the questions, and then have the appropriate resources click into each category and click on the "Follow Category" button. This will allow you to get emails when Questions are posted, as well as when they are answered. 

I hope this helps. 

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Marcus Demas Thu 10/8/15 9:08 PM

ps, as of 9.1, this is not an Admin setting, rather it is accessed on the client portal or TDClient side of TeamDynamix.

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