Can a ticket be turned into a task on a waterfall project plan?

Lets say I need to convert an existing ticket into a task on my waterfall project plan, if this is possible, how do I do this?

Asked by Marcus Demas on Thu 10/8/15 3:45 PM
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Marcus Demas Thu 10/8/15 3:49 PM

Hello Marcus, 

I know I have wondered this from time to time as well. 

The answer is yes, you can take a ticket and add it as a task on a waterfall project plan. This can be accomplished by checking out the project plan-->clicking on tickets tab within the project plan-->locating the appropriate ticket using the search-->then drag the ticket over to the appropriate plan over to the right. Once the task is on the plan, you can move it around as needed. I hope this helps/makes sense!

Gosh Marcus, I am always blown away by your mature and inquisitive questions, keep up the good work!!

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