What is the character length of a project task's description field?

I'm referring to the Plan Manager but it would be helpful to know for Card Wall also. If they are different.

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Asked by Aaron Crane on Thu 10/8/15 3:27 PM Last edited Thu 10/8/15 3:59 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 10/9/15 1:10 PM

Hi Aaron,

Yes, I had Jamey look it up. That field has a 4,000 character limit.

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Aaron Crane Fri 10/9/15 12:23 PM

Hi Mark,

Yes, I did see this thread. I'm referring specifically to the description field on a project task. Can you find that limit?


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Mark Sayers Thu 10/8/15 4:10 PM


Depending on what type of field it is (general description field, header, textbox/textarea, etc.) it could vary. Following the general conventions on https://solutions.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/Forums/Questions/Details?ID=102024 a textbox/textarea is up to 4,000 characters, and a description field is usually 250 characters.

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