How do I report resources on a task that is a parent?

I have a task report that selects tasks based on a specific text in Field 1. Some of the tasks are children (the lowest level) and some are parents (a collection of tasks). The children report the resources assigned to that task. The parent reports a blank; I thought it would have reported all the resources assigned to the individual tasks.

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Asked by Barrie Sutton on Wed 10/7/15 3:57 PM Last edited Wed 10/7/15 4:22 PM
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Jamey Stock Thu 10/8/15 10:19 AM

Hi Barrie,

This is actually expected functionality, as parent tasks are not allowed to have resources. Similarly, child tasks must have resources removed before adding a new child task. The reason for this is that only the lowest level tasks are allowed to have resources, which prevents them from having children.

If a child is added to that task, then it is no longer the lowest level and resources are not allowed to be assigned. Since parent tasks cannot have resources, there is no way to report on this. However, you are able to report on all non-parent tasks by creating a Tasks Report in the Analysis application that includes a Parent? is false filter.

I hope this explains why parent tasks are unable to have resources, and an alternative for reporting on only non-parent tasks. Please let us know if you would like further clarification or there is anything else we can do to help you.

Jamey Stock

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Mark Sayers Thu 10/20/16 9:27 AM
Hi Barrie,

Task Fields can be edited for sure. If you are viewing a plan in Web Plan Manager, make sure it is checked out to you. Then, you can click on the Views drop down and select "Configure Columns" to choose which columns are showing on your plan. This is where you can add the Description and custom columns, and there is a button to allow you to "Manage Custom Columns" so you can rename the custom columns as needed.

Once you've chosen which columns to add to your plan view, save it, and you can then click into the Description or custom column cell for the desired task to enter information into it.

When the plan is checked back in, you can also update a task's Description by double clicking on the Status column cell for the task in question. This brings a modal up of the Details page for the task. Click the Edit button and enter or update the description.

I hope this has described how you can update your plan to add the custom columns in the current Web Plan Manager and how to edit the description of a task. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Mark Sayers
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Barrie Sutton Wed 10/19/16 4:56 PM
Has something changed? I cannot find a way to edit Tasks fields that used to be there like Description, Field1, etc.
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