Clarification on the way ticket notifications work

Just to make sure I understand then, when the ticket is opened by a client user (someone who doesn't have TDNext access) then every notification sent for that ticket will use the requestor version of the template, not the ticketing user version. If the ticket is opened by a technician (someone who has TDNext access) then every notification sent for that ticket will use the technician user version of the template.

So it's not looking at the user who is updating the ticket or adding a comment to the ticket or even the users that will be receiving the notifications when it determines which version of the template will be used.

Please let me know if that's correct.

Thank you.

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Asked by Kimberly Lawrence on Wed 10/7/15 2:29 PM Last edited Wed 10/7/15 2:35 PM
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Jamey Stock Thu 10/8/15 10:11 AM

Hi Kimberly,

The notification template that is selected is determined when specific actions are performed, and not based on who created the ticket. Each template is titled according to the action that is supposed to trigger it. It should examine the users who are being notified and select the Requestor/Ticketing User version depending on who is receiving the notification.

I hope this helps explain how notification templates are selected when taking action on a ticket. Please let us know if you would like further explanation or there is anything else we can do to assist you.

Jamey Stock

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