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I would like to create a report that shows each resource and then below each resource shows all projects to which they are assigned as resources, regardless of whether they currently have any scheduled hours. I tried to create this under Resource Management and under the various custom report areas but I am stuck. It seems that the projects do not show up under a resource's name unless the resource has more than zero scheduled hours. Could you please assist? The report must be viewable by Resource Managers.

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Asked by Janine Gentile on Wed 10/7/15 10:26 AM Last edited Wed 10/7/15 10:29 AM
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Jamey Stock Thu 10/8/15 10:03 AM

Hi Janine,

You are correct that the Projects by Resource Report only returns information for projects where the resource has scheduled hours for the time period. However, you are able to create more dynamic reports on this information via the Analysis application.

If you enter this application and create a new Scheduled V Actual Hrs By Project report, you are able to view resource information for time periods that have no scheduled hours for the resource. However, this report does not group by resource, so it is a good idea to include Order by Resource Then by Week to organize the data logically. You are also able to return Actual Hours and Scheduled Hours as columns without filtering on them, in addition to viewing ResourceResource Pool, and Project information.

I hope this provides some insight as to how you can report on project resources with no scheduled hours. Please let us know if you would like further clarification or there is anything else we can do to help you.

Jamey Stock

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