Workspace Time Removal

As an administrator, how do I delete workspace time for a user?  I submitted as a test and would like to remove, but do not see how to accomplish?

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Asked by Monica Crawford on Tue 10/6/15 12:38 PM Last edited Tue 10/6/15 12:57 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 10/6/15 1:05 PM

Hi Monica,

Unfortunately there is currently not an administrative option for deleting or editing time entries on behalf of another user(s). Persons with administrator permissions will only be able to enter, approve, or reject time entries for other users.

To remove the entry, the user will have to be logged in themselves and perform that operation.

I hope this fully answers your question about deleting time entries. If you would like us to further clarify this, or answer any other questions, please let us know.

Mark Sayers

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Monica Crawford Tue 10/6/15 1:16 PM

Thank you Mark.

I couldn't find where to perform the operation even as the user, but just discovered it as I continue to test and play.  It was not apparent that you have to hover over each daily time submitted and click Delete.  Got it.

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